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Well, it’s almost time to leave for most of us, but let us remember why we work.  E-mail, bullshit, your sales numbers, bullshit, could you get to work on time, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, it all seems like, well… bullshit.  However, at 5pm at the end of the week, one can quote the Cure and not worry about being laughed… because damn it, Friday I’m in love.  Time to laugh and relax with those you love, or someone you don’t love, but whose throat you found your tongue down in a drunken frenzy.  Time to let loose.  Its those times this blog intends to embody.  That breath after a sip of Scotch when the heat goes away and you are left with only flavor… pizza at the end of the night… the first time you tried Indian food… or a good night in with a decent DVD.  Alas, as 9-5 draws closer, I wish you my friends: mind not the bovine feces, for the weekend is only a few days away.

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