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Where you been, BK?

At the beginning of my blog, I posted a weird sort of word sketch about the kinds of things I think about, and then I realized, a year later, I’d not written anything else.  So I dabbled for a while and had a blast, but I realized I’ve gotten busy with other things and neglected this a bit.  So what’s been going on?  Well, I’m working about 40 hours a week now, which, unfortunately, really does cut into my blogging time.  All those empty moments where I was previously just job hunting and checking to see if the internet still offered pornography is actually occupied with lifting heavy objects and dealing with customers.

Also, if you’ve followed this blog faithfully (perhaps as someone with very little to do might), you might notice I do a podcast.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s called What’s a Podcast.  It’s me and my buddy CB Wilkins and whoever we decide would be a good interview/guest, which has mostly been local comedians though there’s been a few other “civilians” who we’ve had on.  It’s great, because I really hate talking to boring to listen to people so I’ve made a point of only having guests I find engaging on.  I’ve gotten lazy about posting links on this site, but you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher Internet Radio, so if you want to listen we’ve actually got 40 episodes of talking for you to listen to.  We’ve actually reached the point that if you were to try to listen to all the content back to back, it would almost take two days.  Again, I imagine you have more to do over the weekend, but if you’ve never checked it out, it’s worth investigating.

Really the only other thing of interest I’ve been doing is thinking about is fitness sort of stuff, which justifies its own blog post in and of itself.  I’m still alive.  Look out for more blog posts to come.

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