Performed at:

The Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Richmond,VA

Cozzy’s Comedy Club, Newport News, VA

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Virginia Beach, VA

The Cake Shop,”  New York City, NY

The Improv, Washington, DC

LyricTheatre, Blacksburg, VA

Comedy eXposed @AwfulArthurs, Blacksburg, VA

ComedyFactory@ Code3, Portsmouth, VA

Comedy at The Cafe, CinemaCafe, Virginia Beach, VA

Booked With

John Henton


Bo Dacious

Alex Scott

Tom Dustin

Chris Rich

The Pushers

Dan ‘The Educated Redneck’ Ellison

Kelly Terranova

Plan B Improv

Jim Pate

Adam Dodd


Appeared on National TV show, A Haunting, Discovery Channel, December 2012

WonClash of the ComicsContest, Funny Bone, Virginia Beach, VA

Head-writer, TV Pilot, Midnite Madness, Virginia Beach, VA

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