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Amber Rose

Sometimes, a seed is planted in the subconscious mind.  After repeated subconscious exposure, rather than grow to like or dislike a person, they just become part of the landscape, and you find yourself wondering how this person who you don’t recognize at all seems to be own valuable real estate in your head all of a sudden… like Kim Kardashian but without the erection dissolving disgust.

Such is Amber Rose.

One day, this chick is on the cover of a magazine with Kanye West and company.  And my first thought is, man… some bitch is dressed up like a white Grace Jones:

Next thing I know she’s everywhere, doing Maxim and stuff:

Courtesy of HipsterRunoff.com

Now, this girl has a vodka commercial out.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I prefer beer and wine, with the occasional whiskey.  Even more rare is the occasion upon which I drink vodka.  When I do, it’s typically in the form of a dirty vodka martini… a wonderful thing that is both savory and elegantly crisp at the same time.  However, when I saw the above vodka commercial, I realized one thing.

I want to fuck the shit out of some vodka now.

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